Considering Human Behaviour in Fire within the Building/Ship Design Process

讲座题目:Considering Human Behaviour in Fire within the Building/Ship Design Process





Michael Kinsey博士是消防工程师,现供职于全球最大的工程顾问公司之一—奥雅纳,曾参与多项商用、住宅、轨道安全等相关研究项目。Michael 在英国格林威治大学取得博士学位,他的研究方向包括高层建筑物疏散、地下空间人员疏散等。

Michael是火灾和人员疏散行为模拟的专家,在该研究领域已发表了多篇相关的期刊、会议论文。同时,Michael也是消防、人员疏散领域多本著名期刊的审稿人,包括Safety Science, Fire Safety Journal, and Fire Technology等。参与了疏散模型验证标准ISO TC92/SC4/WG4的制定。在英国、美国、加拿大及中国多所学校就人员疏散行为建模进行了多次客座教学。


Dr Michael Kinsey is a Fire Engineer within Arup involved in a variety of commercial, residential, rail, rolling stock and research projects. Michael completed his postdoctoral research at the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) at the University of Greenwich, UK. Here his main focus of research was involved with understanding and modelling high-rise building evacuations (using lifts) and underground stations (using escalators). He was also involved in a number of evacuation analysis and research projects.

Within Arup Michael is a specialist in human behaviour in fire and evacuation modelling and an active writer of scientific conference/journal papers associated with evacuation modelling and human behaviour in fire. Michael is also a reviewer for a number of journals including: Safety Science, Fire Safety Journal, and Fire Technology. He is also on the SFPE Human Behaviour task group and co-author of the 2nd Edition of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers Guide to Human Behaviour and is on the ISO TC92/SC4/WG4 developing international protocols for evacuation model verification/validation. He has also been a guest lecturer at a number of universities discussing human behavior fire and evacuation modelling in the UK, US, Canada and China.